I'm Wade, a lead UX designer currently working at Amazon. I've worked on many projects of various scale between product, engineering, and development teams at both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Amazon retail while always advocating for the end user.

My background in design is diverse and I utilize different design disciplines in much of my work.


First and foremost, I approach each new project based around the user and business goals that are required to make a project successful.

A major part of my process begins with understanding the end user as best as I can by determining their goals or needs. I think of it much like a method actor and imagine as best I can of being the end user myself.

become a user
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Define Obstacle, Discover, Determine Goals

Find what is trying to be accomplished. Strategize and create goals.

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Who is the user? Card sorts, workshops, surveys, personas, use cases and scenarios.

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Concept Wireframing

Sketching, whiteboarding, information architecture, competitive analysis.

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Interactions, correcting shortfalls, UX heuristics.

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Usability Testing

QA, observing and refining to higher-fidelity

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Implementation & Observation

Launch and analyse user metrics for improvements and features.

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Contact Me

Let me know if there's a small project you may have, need me to elaborate on my work, or just want to say hello. I'd love to hear from you.