A bit about me

Wade Fasano, designer, and pizza eater extraordinare

I'm Wade

I'm primarily a visual and graphic designer and getting more interested in UX design by the day. I'm a design explorer that enjoys delving and learning new design functions. Much of my work incorporates a clean aesthetic mixed with photography elements due to my background in the medium. The visual/UX design side of my projects require wireframing, comping, and coming up with a strategy that will work best for the end user.

My graphic design side of projects require taking a client's story and producing subject matter most relative and interesting to make the largest impact. I always approach my work with the end-user in mind from start to finish and how they will best interact with a product.

I will be enrolling in the School of Visual Concept's UX Design Certificate program (PDF) starting this fall to further my knowledge and itch the curiosity bug. I will be restricted for freelance work during this time.

Take a gander at my work if you like, and feel free to contact me.

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Let me know if there's a small project you may have, need me to elaborate on my work, or just want to say hello. I'd love to hear from you.